Prime minister of Belgium resigns over immigration flap

A friendly immigration platform has taken down yet another world leader.

The prime minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, has resigned amid protests over several of his policies, including a United Nations migration pact.

Dead in the Water

For many, this resignation was imminent when Michel threw his support behind the U.N. migration pact.

Though more than 160 nations agreed to it, the measure didn’t receive very much public support.

The protests and rioting that occurred as a direct result of the pact had many thinking Michel’s days were numbered at that point.

Not so surprisingly, the United States was one of the few countries that came forward to voice concerns over the pact and refused to sign it.

The U.S., along with several other detractors, believed the pact would undermine their existing immigration laws.

See Ya!

Michel was trying to sell the concept of a “coalition of the willing” to run the government.

But it seems that not many of his fellow Belgians were on board with that idea.

After acknowledging his voice had “not been heard,” Michel then officially announced his retirement.

His announcement reportedly received a standing ovation.

Writing on the Wall

This isn’t the first time citizens of a country with relaxed immigration laws have forced their leaders out.

It was not so long ago that Germany’s Angela Merkel was the poster child for open borders.

Now, she is also out of job come the new year.

A surefire way to destroy a country is to open the borders and allow anyone and everyone to come in.

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While Democrats continue to preach open borders, they better start watching what is happening around the world.

If they choose to continue to pursue this, they will no doubt find themselves making the same speech Michel did on his way out the door.

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