'Pretty upset': How Feds Scrubbed Report of Terrorists at Border

March 20, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The American Center for Law and Justice is confirming it has obtained records from the U.S. government revealing how multiple federal officials worked to scrub a press release that said two Yemini terrorists were caught at America's southern border.

"The ACLJ just obtained records showing that the FBI and Customs and Border Protection leadership in Washington, D.C., were 'pretty upset' with the CBP for issuing that release," the organization reported.

"The records we just secured through our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request lawsuit also show that the local FBI office in San Diego had 'cleared' the release. However, the records show that FBI and CBP leadership were going to deal with it. Shockingly, the records reveal that CBP pulled down the release after receiving a demand for a phone call from FBI officials in Washington."

The report on how Biden administration officials tried to keep from the American public information on the threat offered by Biden's open borders policies came just as Just the News reported Border Patrol agents had caught 70 migrants on the "Terrorist Screening Dataset," also called the terror "watchlist," between ports of entry since October.

"Most of the terror watchlist suspects – 69 – were discovered by agents after entering through the southern border with Mexico and just one came from the northern border with Canada," the report confirmed.

"Last fiscal year, 98 terror watchlist encounters occurred between ports of entry, a record high that exceed the number during the entire Trump administration."

But the ACLJ's report said those who tried to quash information about the capture of the two Yemini terrorists included "senior officials," such as one person "who is now a 'principal adviser' to Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas."

They "worked through the night" to get that press release scrubbed.

"Remember, back in April of 2021, when we told you that the Biden administration pulled down a press release announcing two Yemeni individuals on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Terrorism Watchlist and No-Fly List had been caught along the border? The announcement even described that agents had found a cellular phone SIM card in their shoes."

But now the organization confirms it has details that the Washington officials insisted that information "should never have been released."

Records show officials in Washington demanded "it was a mistake" to release the information.

"The records reveal that the FBI office in San Diego had approved the release, but that FBI and CBP leadership in Washington wanted 'a name,' were going to 'track that down,' and 'address it,'" the report said.

Actually, it was suppressed for 24 hours.

"We’ve obtained a key exchange between the CBP Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Office of Public Affairs, whose name has been redacted to apparently keep it hidden from us, and Marsha Espinosa, then-Assistant Secretary in CBP’s Office of Public Affairs (but who has now rejoined DHS where she previously worked for President Obama and now serves as 'principal adviser to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on all internal and external communications')," the ACLJ reported.

"In this exchange, the CBP brass discusses their displeasure that someone at CBP issued the release and the FBI in San Diego had approved it," the report said, with the instruction including: "I am being told it was released at the request of BP El Centro Sector after being cleared by the FBI in San Diego. I have let folks know this should never have been released by CBP and it should have been elevated for a determination on releasability."

The ACLJ reported, "Going deeper in this email thread reveals that the FBI emailed Espinosa with this: 'I need to alert you that our folks at [redacted] are pretty upset that anyone’s watchlist status was discussed.' Note, the FBI was apparently not pretty upset that Biden’s border policies were creating chaos that dangerous international terrorists were exploiting. No, instead, we see that the FBI was going after the rogue CBP officials who dared to expose the truth. And when they learned that the FBI office in San Diego had cleared it, they made plans to 'address' it."

The confirmation of terror at the border was the subject of multiple emails and other exchanges, the report said.

The report continued, "Other than Marsha Espinosa – who apparently was subsequently promoted to 'principal adviser to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on all internal and external communications' – all names on the records we received have been redacted. Who were these senior officials at CBP and the FBI? There is absolutely no excuse under FOIA for the redaction of these officials’ names. We will be going back to court to demand these redactions be removed. The American people deserve to know who they are."

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