First Lady and President make unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery

The President will not be in the country during Memorial Day this year.

Knowing he would not be on American soil to salute the fallen, the President and First Lady decided to stop at Arlington National Cemetery for an unannounced visit on Thursday prior to leaving for Japan.


Trump has always proven to be very respectful of the sacrifice of those who are called to serve this country on the battlefield.

Since he will be in Japan this year, he will not be able to attend the usual Memorial Day services held in Washington. That, however, did not stop him from holding his own Memorial Day of sorts.

In an unannounced visit, Trump stopped by Arlington Cemetery before heading to Japan. While walking through the cemetery, one headstone apparently caught the attention of the President.

He stopped suddenly, bringing the stone to the attention of the First Lady, then appeared to spend a few moments praying over the stone before moving on.

Not a Publicity Stunt

The one thing about Obama versus Trump is that every move Obama made in this regard seemed like a publicity stunt.

Had Obama made this trip, the press would have been everywhere. There would have more than likely been a podium set up for him to make remarks.

Point being, Obama would not have made the trip unless he thought there were political gains to be made.

Trump made the trip because he cares and believes he owes our veterans something extra.

This was about showing respect for the sacrifice, not about scoring political points.

On that front, Obama will never be on level ground with President Trump.

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