President Trump trolls the opposition with video montage of 2016 election

Never one to pass up an opportunity to poke the bear, Trump created quite a stir on social media this week.

On Sunday, the President sent out a tweet with a video montage of everyone who doubted he could become President of the United States of America.

Never Forget

Some would question why Trump is putting something like this out there at this point.

With several Democrats snagging headlines over the last few days as possible presidential candidates, it would seem that Trump just wanted to remind them all what happened in 2016.

More importantly, he wanted to remind anyone thinking about entering the next race what they will face in 2020.

This is what Trump does…

Anytime anyone else starts to get a little momentum in the media or on social media, he does something to get the focus back on him.

He is brilliant when it comes to manipulating the media to serve his purpose.

The Video

Very few people thought Trump had a chance to win the presidential election other than his most devout supporters.

The 100 percent Hillary win changed within a matter of hours after a red wave swept through the country.

Watching the panic come over pundits as a Trump presidency became a reality never gets old.

One of the best moments, however, has to be Laura Ingraham all but getting laughed off the stage with Bill Maher.

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When she predicted Trump had the best chance to win on the GOP ticket, they just about fell out of their chairs laughing at her.

Little did they know then… and little do they know now.

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