President Trump runs to shake hands with New York police officers

President Trump just about gave his security detail a heart attack this week.

Just before boarding Marine One for his return trip, Trump sprinted away from his security detail to shake the hands of the local police officers assigned to his detail during his visit…

The Visit

The President was in New York to discuss problems with MS-13.

This is the same MS-13 gang that President Trump earlier referred to as animals.

Those comments, of course, were twisted around by the liberal media into something completely different.

When Trump was clearly talking about those gang members and ONLY those gang members, the media pitched it that he was calling ALL immigrants animals.

Oddly enough, the media actually got caught in this lie, but they had an excuse.

They said it was Trump’s fault they twisted the story in this manner.

Yes, that was truly their excuse… it was Trump’s fault they did it.

Loves Law Enforcement

President Trump showing his appreciation for law enforcement is nothing new.

Virtually every trip the President makes, he takes the time to thank the local officers looking out for him.

It really doesn’t matter how busy he is or what else is going on, the President feels the need to shake each and every one of their hands.

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This is something rarely seen with any other president.

And it is exactly why law enforcement stands firmly behind THIS President of the United States.

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