President Trump releases video of Barack Obama criticizing illegal immigration

President Trump just landed a crushing blow against Democrats.

In a stroke of genius, his camp put together a compilation video of top Democrats calling for better border security…

The Truth Is ON the Tape

Two of the more telling blows came against Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.

Hillary has been grabbing anyone that will give her a microphone discussing the plight of immigrant children.

However, the tape shows her wanting to kick them right back over the border back then.

Schumer has been hitting the President hard on immigration, now politicking for what amounts to open borders.

The snippet on him, however, shows a man begging for more border security and wanting to stop illegal immigrants from entering this country.

The Challenge

Trump obviously made immigration a major platform issue.

The minute he did that, Dems pivoted to be in support of undocumented immigrants and open borders.

The President has repeatedly asked Dems to work with him on immigration reform, but they refuse to bring common sense to the table and have taken a hardline stance.

His frustration over this issue is quite apparent…

Trump, to kill the negative news cycle surrounding families being separated at the border, signed an executive order to end the policy for the time being…

However, that still does not address the fact our actual lawmakers are doing nothing to fix the situation.

Ted Cruz penned legislation to add more judges and expedite hearings, but is that really the answer?

All that legislation would do is put more of a burden on taxpayers as it relates to undocumented immigrants.

The pushback on social media over the legislation was almost immediate and actually somewhat addressed by President Trump on Twitter…

We don’t need a band-aid, but rather an actual permanent fix to the problem.

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If we have more border agents in place, the wall is built, and we actually enforce our immigration laws, we surely would not have the influx of border crossings that we have now.

Funding those costs would not be a problem for most conservatives, but funding band-aid fixes surely will only cause more dissent and possible election fallout in both 2018 and 2020.

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