President Trump orders ‘less restrictive confinement’ for Navy SEAL accused of killing ISIS prisoner

President Donald Trump has intervened in what may be one of the most controversial cases making its way through the U.S. court system.

Trump has ordered “less restrictive confinement” for Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher ahead of his trial for murder in May.

Gallagher has been accused of “fatally stabbing an Islamic State detainee during a 2017 deployment to Iraq,” according to Politico.

War Crimes

Gallagher’s case has gained national attention due to its very nature. The Navy SEAL operator is facing several charges including premeditated murder and aggravated assault.

But even with those charges on the docket, there has been some concern expressed by members of Congress over Gallagher’s lengthy pre-trial confinement. They called for a “less severe form of restraint” for the SEAL.

After all, Gallagher is still innocent until proven guilty, but as it stood, he would have been held behind bars for 9 months away from his family in terrible conditions.

“To confine any service member for that duration of time, regardless of the authority to do so, sends a chilling message to those who fight for our freedoms,” several members of Congress, including retired SEAL officer Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) and Marine Corps veteran Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), wrote in a letter to the Navy — namely, to Navy Region Southwest commander Rear Adm. Yancy B. Lindsey.

They went on: “We ask that you weigh this decision given the terrible message Chief Gallagher’s confinement sends to our warfighters, that they can be confined behind bars away from their family, legal defense, and community for nine months before their day in court.”

Not on the list of representatives sending the letter? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Presidential Intervention

But while Pelosi may not have similar empathy in her heart, President Trump has always had a soft spot for our military.

As such, it was no real surprise to see him take a personal interest in this case.

After Trump saw the congressmen and -women’s letter, he asked for Gallagher to be placed in  “less restrictive confinement.”

Trump made everyone aware of his decision via a tweet, writing: “In honor of his past service to our Country, Navy Seal [Eddie Gallagher] will soon be moved to less restrictive confinement while he awaits his day in court. Process should move quickly!”

Gallagher’s family members were ecstatic that the president personally intervened, and they thanked him for doing so in a recent appearance on Fox News.

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