President Trump Blasts Biden… Refuses To Back Down

President Trump isn’t taking allegations of election interference by Democrats seriously. Instead, he’s staying on message by exposing Joe Biden.

On Twitter, Trump gave a written response to the news that he asked the foreign government of Ukraine to see if Joe Biden truly did fire an attorney general who was investigating his son.

Democrats are trying to claim that Trump’s inquiries amount to election interference, but Trump thinks otherwise:

“The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party, want to stay as far away as possible from the Joe Biden demand that the Ukrainian Government fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son, or they won’t get a very large amount of U.S. money, so they fabricate a story about me and a perfectly fine and routine conversation I had with the new President of the Ukraine. Nothing was said that was in any way wrong, but Biden’s demand, on the other hand, was a complete and total disaster. The Fake News knows this but doesn’t want to report!”

Trump isn’t denying allegations – because he doesn’t need to do that. There’s absolutely nothing scandalous about having foreign countries investigate the possible crimes of a former Vice President.

That’s what’s great about Trump’s statement on Twitter. It’s proof that in spite of the constant bashing by the liberal media, he’s NOT losing focus. Democrats may try to change the subject away from Biden’s misdeeds, but Trump isn’t budging.

Of course, liberals are losing their minds over Trump’s inquiries into Biden, with the Washington Post even going so far as to publish the following headline:

“Trump has done plenty to warrant impeachment. But the Ukraine allegations are over the top.”

Seriously. Democrats want Trump impeached because he’s investigating Joe Biden for getting political favors for his son. This is madness.

I think it should be obvious to everyone at this point that Joe Biden is not above the law, regardless of whether he was Vice President or not. The fact that Democrats are trying to turn this on Trump is absolutely sickening.

Biden deserves to be investigated. And Trump is just the one to do it.

This isn’t election interference. It’s justice.

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