President Trump announces nominee to replace Rick Perry as energy secretary

President Trump has announced his nominee to replace departing Energy Secretary Rick Perry. He has selected Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette to move up within the agency and fill the position. 

Perry’s announced departure appears to be relatively amicable in nature.

Done with Washington

The former governor of Texas, Perry joined the Trump administration as energy secretary following his confirmation in 2017. He largely avoided scandal or scrutiny until recently when he became entangled in the Ukraine whistleblower story.

Facing questions over whether he decided to leave the Cabinet because of the ongoing scandal, Perry simply stated, “It has everything to do for the last eight or nine months. I’ve been looking back to Texas on a pretty regular basis … My wife, my dogs, and kinda going on to the next adventure in life.”

He sounds like someone who is done with the political cesspool that is Washington, D.C. and just wants to go home.

Perry’s relations with President Trump were considered to be good, even though he has made the decision to leave the administration. Trump praised Perry, saying, “Rick was a great Governor of Texas and a great Secretary of Energy. He is also my friend!”

With Perry leaving, attention has now shifted to his likely replacement, Dan Brouillette.

Easy replacement

The Trump administration has wasted no time moving forward from Perry’s resignation. Trump wants to work quickly and efficiently as there are big issues at the forefront of public attention.

Brouillette is undoubtedly qualified for the job, but he has also flown under the radar throughout his career, making him an ideal addition to the administration.

Trump’s nominee previously served as assistant energy secretary under George W. Bush and was also a member of the Louisiana State Mineral and Energy Board.

He will fit in nicely with the current administration and has sufficient experience in the area to help guide our nation’s energy policy going forward.

While it is sad to see someone like Rick Perry leaving, it is good that there will be stability within the Trump administration after his departure. With the Ukraine issue staying in the headlines and the Democrat’s impeachment push, Trump doesn’t need any troublemakers in the Cabinet.

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