President of El Salvador says he cannot honor asylum deal ‘right now’

During the immigration crisis, President Donald Trump negotiated deals with three central American countries to hold asylum seekers.

The president of El Salvador, one of those three countries, now admits he is not capable of honoring that deal yet.

Inadequate infrastructure

As a way to take the pressure off our own border facilities, the Trump administration worked out a deal with El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

In exchange for aid, the three countries were going to accept asylum seekers that would live there instead of the United States while their cases played out.

During a Sunday interview with CBS “60 Minutes,” El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele was asked if El Salvador was ready to take in asylum seekers.

“Well, not right now. We don’t have asylum capacities, but we can build them,” the young president admitted.

“The reality is that our whole economy is in shatters, nothing works … This is a country with a lot, a lot of problems,” he said.

Now, having said that, he said he would still like to help Trump and stated that he will do his best to build accommodations and work with the administration to fulfill his promise.

The harsh reality

Whether Democrats want to admit it or not, these countries are in shambles. Their economies are in ruins and the citizens are suffering from poverty, gang violence, and the problems that come along with unstable governments. Bukele himself was not afraid to admit it.

This is, of course, why so many people are fleeing these countries to come to America. In just the last year, 90,000 Salvadorans were arrested while trying to illegally cross the U.S. border, CBS News reported.

The better solution would be to get more countries on board with sending aid to Central America to help them build their countries back up.

This way, citizens do not need to flee their homeland in order to find a better life, and the U.S. is not forced to take on the burden of thousands of economic migrants that we simply cannot afford.

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