President Biden’s approval rating hits rock bottom, again

How low can President Joe Biden’s approval rating go? Pretty low.

Fox News reports that Biden has just scored another embarrassingly low approval rating: 33%. 

This poll result comes from Quinnipiac University. The pollster surveyed 1,412 U.S. adults during the period from April 7 to April 11.

The findings

Quinnipiac University found that only 33% of Americans approve of the job that Biden is doing as president. That’s opposed to 54% who do not approve of Biden’s job performance. The remaining 13% didn’t opine one way or the other.

Breaking things down by party affiliation, a staggering 94% of Republicans disapprove of Biden’s job performance. 3% of Republicans approve of it, and the remaining 3% aren’t sure.

Democrats, on the other hand, approve of the job that Biden is doing by a tally of 76% to 12% with 12% undecided. And, independents disapprove of Biden’s job performance, 56% to 26% with 18% undecided.

When Quinnipiac University limited the results of the poll to “registered voters,” the numbers did get a little better for Biden, but not by much. His approval rating simply goes from 33% to 35% and his disapproval rating, from 54% to 55%.

All-time low

Biden’s 33% approval rating ties his record low on a Quinnipiac University poll. He also received a 33% approval rating during a poll that was taken on January 12, 2022.

Even if one limits the results to registered voters, Biden still tied a record low. On that same January 12, 2022, poll, Biden also achieved a 35% approval rating among registered voters.


A low approval rating has become the norm for President Biden over the past several months. After starting with approval ratings in the 50s and 60s, Biden’s approval, last summer, began to drop off.

The poll aggregator Real Clear Politics, with the results of Quinnipiac University’s latest poll, now has Biden’s average approval rating at 40.6% and his average disapproval rating at 52.3%. This puts Biden underwater, on average, by 11.7 percentage points.

As for what is driving Biden’s approval down, take your pick: the economic crisis, the southern border crisis, the U.S. crime crisis, the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and so on. It’s a challenge to find something that Biden and the Democrats could hang their hats on, which suggests that trouble might be in store for them later this year in the midterm elections.

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