President Biden accused of stimulant use to conceal cognitive decline

 March 9, 2024

In an unusual turn of events, President Joe Biden's latest State of the Union speech has ignited a flurry of speculation and controversy.

A psychiatrist has raised eyebrows by suggesting that President Biden's energetic demeanor during his State of the Union address might indicate stimulant use, aimed at concealing cognitive decline.

At the ripe age of 81, President Biden delivered his speech in a manner that was not only rapid but also louder than his usual tone. This deviation from his characteristic speaking style has fueled discussions about his cognitive health and whether it played a role in the apparent change.

Forensic Psychiatrist Weighs In on Biden's Performance

Dr. Carole Lieberman, a forensic psychiatrist, observed that the speed and volume with which Biden spoke could be indicative of Adderall or amphetamine use. It's important to note, however, that Dr. Lieberman has not personally examined the President but based her observations on his public appearances and the mannerisms he displayed during the speech.

During his address, Biden was seen gesturing more frequently and moving his hands at a pace that is uncharacteristic of his usual podium-hand-resting posture. Dr. Lieberman pointed out that this, along with Biden's rapid speech delivery and occasional slurring of words, could suggest the assistance of psychopharmacological substances.

Biden's performance, which was notably more energetic than usual, quickly became a topic of discussion across social media platforms and among political commentators. This shift in behavior has raised questions about the broader implications for his cognitive health.

White House and Public React to Speculation

The White House was quick to dismiss the criticisms and insinuations regarding potential drug use. Official spokespeople and allies of the President defended his performance, suggesting that the energetic delivery was merely a sign of his commitment and passion for the topics discussed.

It's noteworthy that some scientific evidence suggests that Adderall can assist with cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia. A 2022 study highlighted that ADHD medications might improve cognitive performance in Alzheimer's patients, lending some credence to the idea that stimulants could have been used to enhance Biden's focus during the speech.

Dr. Lieberman further observed signs of cognitive decline in President Biden, particularly noting two gaffes during his address. These errors, along with his heightened anger and shouting, were interpreted by her as potential signs of dementia, possibly exacerbated by stimulant use.

Past Accusations and Ongoing Debates

This is not the first time that public figures have speculated about Biden's cognitive health and potential use of performance-enhancing drugs. Former President Donald Trump had previously accused Biden of using drugs to enhance his performance during debates.

The ongoing discussions about Biden's cognitive abilities have been a significant aspect of his reelection efforts. A recent report describing Biden's memory in negative terms has only intensified these debates, despite Biden's insistence that his memory is fine. Notably, he did not take a cognitive test during his last physical examination.

Quotes from Dr. Lieberman and others in the public eye, such as Ari Fleischer and Frank Luntz, have further fueled the discussion. Fleischer's comment on X (formerly Twitter) about Biden's speech being "weirdly amped up" and Luntz's remark about it being the "loudest State of the Union speech" he can remember have added to the chorus of voices weighing in on the President's performance.

Scrutiny Amidst a Polarized Political Landscape

The debate over President Biden's State of the Union speech and his cognitive health underscores the deeply polarized nature of current American politics. While some see the President's energetic delivery as a positive sign, others interpret it through a lens of suspicion and concern for his well-being.

Dr. Lieberman's comments about the potential for Adderall to focus someone's attention before a significant event like the State of the Union address highlight the complex interplay between public perception, political strategy, and personal health.

Despite the White House's dismissal of the speculation, the conversation around Biden's cognitive health and potential stimulant use persists, with political opponents and some members of the public remaining skeptical of the official narrative.


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