President Trump takes time to sign autograph for young fan

A video of a sweet moment between President Donald Trump and a young supporter is starting to go viral.

While leaving his hotel recently, Trump took the time to stop and chat with a young supporter and even autographed her sign. 

Always Accessible

Both before and after Trump became president, he was always an accessible man.

When Trump’s Atlantic City casinos were the primary source of his income, he was regularly present on the property. It was not uncommon to see Trump walking the gaming floor to greet customers and thank them for their business.

He was considered a billionaire elite, but he never acted like it. Thankfully, he has carried that same attitude over into his presidency.

Supporting His Supporters

The scene in that video is played out virtually every time Trump is in public, but we never hear about it.

The media does not want to portray Trump in a positive manner, and videos like this one would make him human to people, rather than the monster the media wants everyone to believe he is.

When Barack Obama was in office, a video like this would have been front-page news for several reasons.

First, it rarely happened. Second, when it did, they acted like it was the greatest thing in the world that he found time to talk to an everyday person.

Trump, no matter the situation, has always found time for his supporters. When he makes appearances, he chats with them and signs autographs.

He has been known to personally write letters to those in need and even providing financial support in some cases.

In that video, it was a mere 15 seconds of Trump’s time, but it was a lifetime memory for that little girl and her family.

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