Preacher arrested at drag queen event fights back

For some reason, a local library in Spokane, WA thought it would a good idea to host an event called “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

When a local preacher went to observe the reading, he was arrested by local police.

Not Fair Treatment

The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has stepped up to help defend Pastor Afshin Yaghtin. The organization has filed a motion to dismiss his case based on the unfavorable treatment the pastor received.

According to Pastor Yaghtin, he approached the library merely to observe the reading. He, along with people protesting the event, was told to go to the other side of the street. The pastor was adamant he was not protesting, yet he was still arrested for trying to enter the event.

“Yaghtin did not physically interfere with or touch police, nor did he make threatening movements toward the police or use threatening words at any time,” the PJI stated.

They went on: “He was arrested for questioning the police’s favorable treatment of supporters and unfavorable treatment of anyone they perceived to be non-supportive.”

Is This Really Okay?

There is a list of questions about this event, but two issues stand out. First, if the pastor was not being confrontational and the event was open to the public, how could the police block him from entering, let alone arrest him?

Second, are we truly to believe the “stories” they are reading or the conversations they are having with these children are innocent in nature?

Another recent event proved these concerns true, as “story time” was being used to promote  “free lunch and dinner! Fun crafts! Loads of activities! Open mic! Karaoke! Advice panels, Safer sex presentations! A drag show! Free swag!”

When parents showed up at the event to ask questions, the library reportedly called the police on them. Oh, and the “free swag” at the event… well, that was reportedly condoms and sex toys.

For the girls, chest binders were reportedly made available. These are what are used by girls who identify as boys to hold down their breasts so they appear more boy-like.

We are talking about young teens and tweens here, not adults, and this is what is not only being permitted but encouraged. This is the new America, patriots, where being “normal” is no longer encouraged or even allowed.

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