'Practice run for November?' Facebook, related sites go dark on Super Tuesday

 March 5, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Facebook and several other related social media sites to which modern society has become addicted left users in the lurch on the Super Tuesday primary election day in the United States by going dark.

report at Metro in the United Kingdom confirmed, "Facebook and Instagram have suffered massive outages, leaving potentially millions of users unable to access the popular social media platforms. The issue appears to be global."

The report said Threads, Instagram’s rival platform to X, and Facebook Messenger were having issues, and WhatsApp, also owned by Meta, appeared to sustain a "small outage."

Reports from users about system failures reached the millions.

One observer pointed out the "coincidence" that the problems arrived on "Super Tuesday," and suggested, "Practice run for November?"

Metro reported, "Within half an hour of the issues first appearing on Down Detector, at around 3 pm, the number of reports had passed 90,000 for Facebook, and 15,000 for Instagram. At its peak, more than 250,000 UK Facebook users reported issues, while in the US more than half a million users reported the outage.

User Ann Autumn wrote: "‘My hands are shaking so much right now I can barely type. And my heart is pounding. I couldn’t get into Facebook and I was sure that my account was hacked. But Twitter peeps are confirming the #facebookdown situation. #instagramdown as well. So relieved that it’s not just me."

The report said failures were documented in Australia, the U.S., Brazil, India, China, Europe, and Guatemala, so far.

Online commenters pointed out:

"They're showing us what they can do in real-time."

"Take down internet service in red areas on Nov. 5 for machines they swore up and down had no way to connect to the internet."

"Super strange, isn't it? No way for word to get out about polling location concerns - except for X."

"Everything is intentional."

"Someone flipped the wrong switch and instead of getting into the Dominion system, they got Meta "

A report in the Daily Mail said affected were Facebook, Messenger and Instagram "worldwide."

"A source inside Facebook told DailyMail.com that the company's internal systems were also down, which may have led to Tuesday's outage."

Reports said users were being kicked out of their accounts and unable to log on – even using the correct credentials.

Elon Musk, on X, said, "If you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are working."

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