'Potential to destroy presidency': Bidens head for 'serious felony convictions'

July 1, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

There now is substantial evidence available the Biden clan has for years taken in payments of millions of dollars from overseas interests in return for what apparently is nothing more than access to Joe Biden, and what he could do as vice president, then president.

In fact, the U.S. House already is investigating what policy decisions could have been affected by those payments.

Now Victor Davis Hanson, a "classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University," has written a column in the Daily Signal that expresses his belief that the scandal will result in "serious felony convictions" for family members.

Already, son Hunter Biden has been given a special deal by prosecutors to accuse him of a couple of misdemeanors to replace a long list of potential felonies for not paying taxes on millions of those dollars. And recently released evidence suggests Joe Biden was a full partner in dunning foreigners for cash.

"You no longer can have an American nation if the son of the president of the United States successfully connives to rake in millions for his extended family by selling his father’s influence to foreign governments—a gambit that may currently affect the foreign policy of the United States," Hanson wrote. "Adding insult to injury, Hunter Biden is now a White House fixture, as if the closer he clings to the nexus of American power and influence, the more likely he will continue to be exempted from American law."

He said, "There is no such thing as America we once knew if the Bidens and their surrogates with impunity used the levers of the FBI and the Justice Department to cover up and escape prosecution for, crimes that otherwise would have sent any citizen under such liability to prison for several years This unfolding Biden melodrama has the potential to destroy the current presidency. It will tarnish for generations the Justice Department, the FBI, and the IRS."

The scandal, he said, "will convict Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Jim Biden of serious felonies."

Hanson describes Joe Biden as head of the "Biden grifting conglomerate," and he cites the "weaponization" of the American government.

In danger, he said, is the system of self-reporting tax computations and voluntary compliance.

"Our tax institutions, of course, are based on the real deterrence of a disinterested, uncompromised Internal Revenue Service. Without it, the income revenues of the United States are existentially threatened. So far, any negative reputation of the IRS has rested with natural complaints that it is too zealous in hounding out American taxpayers in all walks of life. Or citizens often object that the IRS must enforce a tax code that is innately unfair."

But, he said, "Not until now, has the IRS itself ever been under a shadow of such corruption?"

He said the proof of one standard of tax enforcement for the "elites" and another from "everyday Americans" would cause the tax system to "shatter."

"In other words, millions of Americans might shrug: 'If Joe Biden, president of the United States, and his criminally minded son can get away with avoiding millions of dollars in taxes, then should not I, a nobody, at least have the right to avoid hundreds of dollars in taxes?'"

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