Potential terrorists from Syria reach remote Arizona border crossing

October 9, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Syria has been designated by the U.S. government as a state sponsor of terrorism for decades already.

It supports terror. And provides them with weapons.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is present there and active in the country.

Now dozens, even hundreds, of illegal aliens from Syria are finding their way to a remote border crossing point in Arizona where they enter the U.S., without permission.

The confirmation comes in a report from Ben Bergquam of Frontline America.

He reports that his team identified the critical border crossing point some months ago, and he's had reporters there regularly.

In his latest update, he said the illegals are from west Africa, India, and Egypt, too.

"For whatever reason, the cartels moved huge numbers of people, all coming through here," he said.

Key, said, are "big numbers from Syria," with hundreds of "fighting men at the site."

"It's bad, guys. It's really bad.'

He blamed Joe Biden's open borders policy for the crisis.

Bergquam describes himself as a conservative Christian father, husband, son, and brother who works to expose the problems facing the nation.

"I am an unashamed, politically incorrect, social conservative that believes that abortion is murder, homosexuality is what the Bible says it is, there are only two genders and you don’t get to pick. Free market capitalism is the best economic system the world has ever known. Liberalism is a plague on society that has replaced the creator with the created, support of life with death, economic freedom with socialist and communism theft and destruction, personal responsibility with perpetual victimization and ultimately will be the death of America if left unchecked," he explains.

He continued, "The left and more specifically the Democrat Party and godless cowards on the right have become a force for evil that is attempting to undermine this nation. They hide behind many organizations: BLM, CAIR, ANTIFA, La Raza, and countless nice-sounding local community groups, but underneath them all is the same, godless, anti-American, fascist/communist influence and their goal is simple: destroy America from within."

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