Postal worker pleads guilty to election fraud charges

Earlier this year, it had been reported that a West Virginia postal worker had fraudulently altered ballot requests.

That same postal worker has now pleaded guilty to election fraud charges, once again raising the alarm as to how much mail-in voting can be trusted.

But it was a joke

With so much scrutiny on mail-in ballots right now, USPS carrier Thomas Cooper picked a bad time to play a practical joke.

Cooper, 47, altered five requests for Democrat ballots to Republican. He also made alterations on three other ballot requests but did not change the party.

Cooper stated that he did this as a joke and that he did not “even know” the people whose ballot requests he changed.

His attorney, Scott Curnette, told BuzzFeed News, “He is deeply sorry for the implications of our democratic process. It should be remembered, however, that the mail he altered were requests for ballots, not ballots themselves.”

Cooper pleaded guilty to attempted election fraud and could be sent to prison for up to eight years for his “joke.”

Trump weighs in

Conservatives are always keeping an eye out for stories like this, and President Trump is no different.

The same day this report was released, Trump tweeted about the many things that can go wrong with widespread mail-in voting.

This is a major topic of discussion right now in Congress. Citing the dangers of the coronavirus, Democrats are pushing hard for expanded mail-in voting. Most Republicans are adamantly opposed to it over concerns about fraud and ballot harvesting.

We have seen the problems that are already showing up in primary races, so we can only imagine what it would look like in a general election.

There is also the fact it could take weeks to count the ballots, so nobody would have a clue as to who won the election until possibly December.

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