Secretary of State Pompeo exposes possible corruption in Obama administration

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo added even more possible problems for Joe Biden with one statement this week.

During an appearance on Fox News, Pompeo suggested that the Obama administration may have decided not to provide defensive weapons to Ukraine because of Hunter Biden, according to Breitbart.

More Problems for Joe Biden

According to Pompeo, Ukraine has been asking for defensive weapons systems since Obama was in office. For some reason, those weapons systems were never sent to Ukraine.

It was not until Trump came to the White House that Ukraine was able to get a Javelin weapons system.

“This is the administration that provided defensive weapon systems to Ukraine,” Pompeo said. “I couldn’t tell you why. I couldn’t answer if it’s because of Hunter Biden that Barack Obama and Vice President Biden didn’t give defensive weapons systems to Ukraine. They’ll have to answer for that. Maybe I just don’t have the full story.”

He went on: “We’re now reporting on leaks from Democrats who have a mission set here to take down President Trump. What I know is I was on the call, I listened to the call. I thought the way the president handled it was appropriate. We were incredibly focused on a couple of simple things with respect to Ukraine strategy. We’ve executed on that.”

Battling Corruption

While Democrats are trying to sell the Trump phone call as possible corruption, let’s remember that Trump was asking Ukraine’s president to investigate possible election interference.

Trump reportedly also asked Ukraine to investigate what went down with the Bidens, but he did not attach anything requirements to that request. There was no quid pro quo, as Democrats are insisting.

It is also important to realize there were two things associated with the quid pro quo that have already taken place even though no investigation has been conducted by Ukraine.

First, there was the military aid, which was released before Ukraine even knew it had been delayed. Second, there was a White House visit for Ukraine’s president, which has also taken place.

Trump is very much entitled to investigate possible corruption, so this narrative Dems are spinning is simply an attempt to shield their candidate.

What Pompeo just said, though… Well, that could open up another can of worms that will require an explanation from both Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

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