Popular Democrat to resign from N.J. Assembly

The New Jersey Democrat party was dealt a massive blow this week.

Tim Eustace has stepped down from his position on the New Jersey Legislature.

Big Void

Eustace was impactful not only in local politics, but also national issues.

Being one of only two openly gay men to serve in the local legislature, Democrats are going to have some very large shoes to fill.

Other Political Positions

Eustace first came on to the scene in 2008.

At that time, he ran for Maywood, NJ, mayor.

He held that position until 2011.

In 2011, he was elected to the Assembly in New Jersey’s 38th district.

History Maker

Eustace was not just famous for being the second openly gay may in office.

In the late 1980s, he and his partner made more than a few headlines for what was then something that was unthinkable.

Kevin Williams, his partner, and Eustace applied to become adoptive parents, the first to do so in New Jersey.

After being approved, the couple would adopt three children with AIDS.

Moving Forward

While Eustace was popular on the outside, there may have been movement within the party to get him to move on.

Even though Eustace is a major supporter of the environment, he was removed from his position as the chair of the environment committee.

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He also lost out on a state Senate seat, which may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

While he denied those two events had anything to do with his decision, onlookers think it is quite clear his fellow Assemblymen wanted him out.

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