Pope ignores abuse cover-up, addresses ’emergency’ littering issue instead

While allegations pile up against the Catholic Church, Pope Francis is merely brushing them off his shoulder and refusing to fully address the issue publicly.

Rather than discuss the disgusting allegations faced by his church, the Pope chose to address the problem of plastic bottles being dumped in the ocean in a speech on Saturday.

Suddenly Silent

For years, the Catholic Church has been engulfed by accusations of sexual misconduct by its priests.

The church has even been known to remove priests and reassign them rather than face the truth.

Pope Francis himself is buried deep in this scandal, but nobody has the guts to call him out on it.

Rather than accept his role for the problems in Chile, the Pope blamed it on not having “truthful and balanced information.”

That was not an exception, though.

In 2014, the Pope welcomed serial offender Mauro Inzoli, a priest who had been defrocked because of his indiscretions, back into the priesthood.

The Pope had been warned by Cardinal Gerhard Müller not to do so, but he ignored the warning.

Cardinal Müller was later dismissed from his position at the Vatican.

Soon, Inzoli found himself back in trouble with the police, with more than 100 “episodes” of molestation being filed against him.

Finally, in 2017, Pope Frances stripped Inzoli of his credentials once and for all — but it was too little too late for the young boys.

The Ocean?

Anyone who thinks Frances is anything more than a politician is sadly mistaken.

All politicians are greatly skilled as the art of deflection, which is what Pope Francis is trying to do with this ocean nonsense.

If he had an ounce of integrity, he would be facing this problem head-on rather than addressing it with a letter. (The Pope published his response to the allegations with a Vatican Letter on Aug. 20.)

There are good people in the church and many lives have been changed for the better because of those people.

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However, thousands of lives have also been changed for the worse — far worse — by snakes and predators within the organization.

Rest assured, Pope Francis is more of the latter than the former.

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