Pope Francis says alleged predator priests are like Jesus on ‘Good Friday’

Pope Francis continues to anger people with his comments.

After likening Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano to the Devil, he is now likening accused priests to Jesus Christ.

Off the Deep End

Pope Francis appears to many to be a man coming unhinged.

It all started when the Pope gave a homily calling a whistleblowing Archbishop “The Great Accuser.”

Now, he is telling priests accused of sexual assault to remain silent in his homily, like Jesus did while making his walk on Good Friday.

“He [Jesus] remained silent because he had compassion for those people deceived by the powerful,” the pope said.

By those words, it would appear he is not only likening pedophile priests to Jesus, but he is also more or less calling the accusers liars.

This is a stance that is not sitting well with Catholics and other high-ranking church officials.

Recognize the Problem

For more than a decade, parishioners around the world have been begging church officials to stop the cover-up.

A new generation of priests and bishops have finally taken charge and want to purge the church of these individuals, so it can once again move forward.

Initially, Pope Francis seemed to reluctantly be on the same page, but accusations against him have changed everything.

After the scathing testimony of Archbishop Vigano was released, more questions were raised about the pope’s involvement in covering up these scandals.

Since that testimony was revealed, Pope Francis has gone on the offensive.

Most recently, though, the pope has completely closed up about everything, angering followers even more.

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Other than his homilies, he has dodged the media and when questioned, given the infamous, “No comment.”

The time has come for this pope to be removed, as he clearly is not worthy of the adulation heaped upon him by the Catholic Church.

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