Pope Francis could resign soon due to health issues, unusual Cardinal meeting held in Vatican City

Rumors have gripped the world that Pope Francis is likely going to resign and by the looks of things, that resignation could be coming sooner rather than later.

Pope Francis is 85 years old and was recently rendered wheelchair-bound thanks to severe pain in his knee. The Pope’s health issues have grown so problematic that he even had to cancel a trip to Africa.

To further fuel rumors of resignation, Pope Francis commented, “Rather than operate, I’ll resign,” when asked about addressing his knee problems.

End of an era

The list of Popes who have voluntarily resigned from their position is a short one. However, should Pope Francis resign, he will be joining his predecessor, Benedict XVI, on that list.

It’s worth noting that Benedict XVI resigned his position due to health issues and was 85 years old which mirrors the situation that Pope Francis is facing.

Of course, the Vatican has been tight-lipped with information. But Pope Francis recently convened a meeting of cardinals, an unusual move that further indicates he is planning on stepping down from his position.

If Pope Francis does go ahead and resign, it will end a rocky period of division in the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis has been divisive and by many standards is considered extremely liberal by many Catholics. His economic positions and views on social issues have led to serious pushback from conservative Catholics.

The Pope’s socialist leanings have raised legitimate concerns about if he is fit to lead the Catholic Church. His resignation would settle any division he has caused, provided his replacement isn’t further to the left.

Unknown replacement

While a possible replacement for Pope Francis is unknown, speculation has exploded that a Black or Asian Cardinal would have the best odds.

64-year-old Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle from the Philippines is one of those figures who is high on the list of potential replacements for Pope Francis if he does indeed resign.

Others are speculating that the Catholic Church could elect its first African Pope in over 1500 years. Either way, if Pope Francis steps down, all eyes will be on Vatican City.

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