Pope Francis compares Vatican whistleblower to Satan

Pope Francis turned even more people against the Catholic Church this week with a statement many simply do not understand.

After Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s 11-page testimony was published, the Pope likened him to “the Great Accuser,” more commonly known as the Devil.

Keeping Quiet

The Pope has recently come under fire for remaining rather quiet while a slew of allegations was levied against the church.

While he has had no problem ripping President Trump over his immigration stance, the Pope sits on his hands as hundreds of sexual misconduct accusations are levied at the church.

Thus far, the only comment anyone has heard from him has been via a letter earlier in the month.

Accuse Me?!

The latest allegations are different, though, as they directly implicate Pope Francis.

The archbishop testified he informed the Pope about indiscretions and the information was merely brushed aside.

In his letter, Pope Francis made it seem as though the information was incomplete and given in passing.

That is not the story the archbishop told while testifying, though.

He describes a concentrated effort to hide and or ignore accusations to protect the Church.

Now, with his name involved, the Pope openly spoke out about the allegations.

During a recent homily, Pope Francis stated: “In these times, it seems like the Great Accuser has been unchained and is attacking bishops.”

“True, we are all sinners, we bishops. He tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible in order to scandalize people,” Pope Francis added.

This is not an effort to scandalize people, but rather, bring them to justice.

The Catholic Church has always existed in a type of bubble.

Dozens, if not hundreds of priests have been protected and whisked away to another assignment when sexual assault allegations were levied.

Somehow, this has always been accepted, as we never see these perverts brought to justice.

Thousands upon thousands of lives have been ruined, yet still, nothing happens.

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Finally, there is a group of clergy willing to do the right thing to purge the Church of these deviants — and the Pope likens them to the Devil himself!

Archbishop Vigano’s heroic behavior must not be silenced, and this so-called Pope must be brought to justice.

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