Report: Mike Pompeo to return to North Korea, continue negotiating deal

Our new Secretary of State is looking to make a big impact early.

According to new reports, Pompeo is heading back to North Korea to discuss the denuclearization of North Korea and the Korean Peninsula.

Just Makes Sense

There have been a lot of mixed signals coming out of Washington lately.

President Trump, on several occasions, has stated North Korea is already dismantling its nuclear capabilities.

However, several mainstream media outlets have reported “inside sources” have stated they have not seen any progress on this front.

Additionally, earlier this week outlets reported North Korea has actually strengthened its position.

As Americans, we have no idea what is actually taking place.

The mainstream media prints an anti-Trump story any time the President opens his mouth and plenty of their stories have proven to be false.

Taking everything into consideration, it just makes sense for Pompeo to make the trip.

We would also expect Pompeo to make a statement from North Korea at some point to clarify exactly what is going on there.

Other Issues

President Trump took some heat over Kim Jong-un’s human rights record.

Trump was initially able to defend his position by negotiating the deal, but Kim found his way back into headlines in a very negative light.

When the execution of an officer was ordered for giving extra food and fuel to officers families, the “monster” was once again thrust into the limelight.

We would suspect this will also be addressed by Pompeo.

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At the very least, Pompeo will make it clear that if Kim does not stop this type of behavior, he will find himself on the wrong end of the stick again.

It is reasonable to assume we will see significant process in this “deal,” as it will be a major part of Trump’s legacy as well as a building block for his 2020 re-election bid.

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