Pollster: More than half of likely voters in Georgia think election results were ‘compromised’

President Donald Trump has disputed the results of the 2020 election in a handful of key states, repeatedly claiming that ballot fraud and counting irregularities led to what the media has already declared a win for Joe Biden. And it appears that Trump is not the only one who thinks there’s more to this story.

The results of a new poll show that more than half of likely voters in Georgia believe the 2020 elections “were compromised enough to change the outcome,” the Washington Examiner reported Saturday.

The poll, which was released late last week by Trafalgar Group, comes just weeks ahead of a pair of runoff races in Georgia that will decide control of the Senate. If this survey is any indication, however, voters may not be feeling confident about casting their ballots come Jan. 5.

Crunching the numbers

Robert Cahaly, the chief pollster for Trafalgar Group, announced in a tweet breaking down the results of the poll Friday that 53.2% of likely voters in the Georgia runoffs believe the results of the Nov. 3 elections were “compromised,” while 37.9% don’t believe that was the case.

A full 8.9% of respondents said they were unsure either way.

Among just Republican voters in Georgia, the numbers were much different: 74.6% believed the election had been “compromised,” Cahaly revealed in his Friday tweet, compared to 15.9% who did not.

Of Republicans, 9.5% remain unsure about whether the election was impacted by fraud, Trafalgar reports.

Perdue tied; Loeffler leads

Trafalgar Group says it polled 1,083 likely voters between Dec. 1-3 and had 95% confidence in its results, with a 2.89% margin of error.

Among other findings of the survey were that among Georgia voters who “lean” toward a particular candidate in the Senate runoffs but have yet to fully commit, Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff leads incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue by just seven-tenths of a point, 48%–47.3%, which is well within the poll’s margin of error. The remaining 4.7% of respondents said they were undecided.

As for the other Senate race in the state, incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) led Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock among leaning voters by nearly five points, 50.2%–45.3%, with 4.5% of those surveyed remaining undecided, according to the Washington Examiner.

The biggest question right now, though, is whether the insistence by President Trump and others that the election system has been “compromised” will ultimately backfire on Republicans and serve to suppress voter turnout for these crucial races. For the sake of America’s future, we can only hope that’s not the case.

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