Polls show Trump winning Hispanic vote in head-to-head contest with Sanders

The Hispanic demographic is vital to winning the White House, and Democrats for too long have assumed that they have a stranglehold on these votes.

The Washington Times reports that recent polls have President Donald Trump winning anywhere from 41% to 44% of the Hispanic vote, signaling a difficult road ahead for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders should he win the nomination.

Getting to the threshold

Republicans should never underestimate the importance of having the support of the Latino community.

Lack of Latino support is what kept failed GOP presidential candidates John McCain and Mitt Romney out of the White House. During their campaigns, they only managed to muster 31% and 27% of the Hispanic vote, respectively.

When George W. Bush won the presidency, he was actually campaigning with a pro-amnesty message, which reportedly garnered him anywhere from 35% to 44% Latino support.

Even though Trump only won 28% of the Latino vote in 2016, the fact that he energized so many disenfranchised voters and had higher support among African Americans helped him get over the hump.

That, however, should not be a problem this time around.

Huge boost for Trump

Since Trump won the election, Latinos have quickly learned that the only people Trump is trying to keep out of this country are illegal immigrants.

For those willing to follow the rules, there are no problems. This may explain why the Times reported: “One poll puts his approval rating as high as 44% and shows him winning 41% of the Hispanic vote in a head-to-head match-up with Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont.”

This is going to be a major factor in border states such as Arizona, which Trump struggled to win in 2016.

According to Politico, Trump won Arizona by a margin of 49.5% to 45.5%, which represented just shy of 70,000 votes. Trump lost both Nevada and New Mexico last time around, something that could change with this new influx of support.

If these numbers hold, they could point to a landslide victory for Trump in both the electoral and popular votes, which would just be devastating for the Democratic Party.

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