Polls show majority of Americans support voter ID laws

Even before the debacle that was the 2020 election, President Donald Trump was known as a staunch supporter of laws requiring voters to show ID at the polls.

While Democrats and the media have routinely dismissed the idea as racist, polling shows that a clear majority of the American people actually agree with the former president.

According to a new report from the Washington Examiner‘s Paul Bedard, a new poll found 90% of U.S. voters believe it’s “important” to guard against election fraud — and nearly three-quarters called voter ID laws a “reasonable measure” to guard against it.

Crunching the numbers

Those results came from a survey of 1,000 likely U.S. voters taken by Rasmussen Reports between Aug. 2-3.

The survey found that, much like former President Trump, some 90% of respondents found it important to guard against cheating in U.S. elections, with 79% saying the issue was “very important.” Only 7% of the respondents claimed that election cheating was not an issue of particular concern.

According to Bedard, Rasmussen also found that 74% of those surveyed support measures requiring voters to present a valid ID to cast a ballot. When asked if the politicians who opposed voter ID requirements only did so in order to enable cheating, 60% of those polled agreed.

The poll had a margin of error of about 3% either way.

Other polls turn up similar figures

Of course, Rasmussen isn’t the only pollster to have found widespread support for forcing voters to show ID. An AP-NORC poll of 1,166 U.S. adults taken March 26-29 found that 72% of respondents favored voter ID laws, while only 13% were opposed.

Those in favor included 91% of Republicans and even 56% of Democrats.

A Monmouth University poll turned up similar findings. Surveying 810 U.S. adults from June 9-14, the poll found support for voter ID requirements among 80% of respondents, compared to 18% who were opposed.

According to Monmouth, 91% of Republicans, 87% of independent voters, and a whopping 62% of Democrats surveyed said voter ID laws were a good idea.

Indeed, regardless of what some elected Dems and pundits in the media may say, the numbers paint a clear picture of an electorate concerned about potential voter fraud. Perhaps Trump’s warnings are being heeded, after all.

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