Polls point to Biden losing Black voter support after announcing COVID vaccine mandate

President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate may be costing him support in a key voting demographic — one he leaned on heavily in the 2020 presidential election.

The Daily Wire reports that Biden’s approval rating among Black voters has significantly dropped off since he announced his wide-ranging COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

The numbers are bad

The Daily Wire based its report on polling conducted by Morning Consult.

The key date is Sept. 9th, which is the day that Biden stunned America with his vaccine mandate. The Morning Consult’s numbers are based on the time period from Sept. 8th, the day before Biden’s announcement, through the current week.

Among Black voters, in general, Morning Consult found that Biden’s net approval has fallen by 12 points since Sept. 8th.

The net approval is the difference between Black voters who approve of Biden’s job performance and those who disapprove. Seventy-one percent approve and 24% disapprove, which, respectively, is a five-point decrease and a seven-point increase since the mandate announcement. The sum of the two numbers is how we arrive at the 12 point dropoff.

Unvaccinated Black voters appear to be driving his sinking poll numbers, as Biden’s net approval among the key voter demographic has fallen by a whopping 17 points.

Some conclusions

The Black vote, of course, is crucial for a majority of Democratic candidates. It certainly played a role in Biden’s presidential election in a number of key states, such as South Carolina where candidates spend their time winning over Black voters.

As the Morning Consult’s poll shows, Biden still maintains popularity among Black voters. But, as Morning Consult explains, that is not necessarily enough.

“While Black voters, who helped push Biden over the top against President Donald Trump in key states last year, are unlikely to abandon the Democratic Party en masse to back Republicans on the ballot next year, low turnout from the group could have dire consequences for Democrats in Congress, who already face an early enthusiasm gap,” the polling company wrote.

Notably, most of the mainstream media doesn’t seem interested in reporting that Black communities across America have some of the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates. Reports indicate that about 53% of Black adults have been vaccinated, which is the lowest percentage of any race. It’s still unclear why that is.

That said, Biden may have just seriously hurt his and his party’s chances in upcoming elections with his unconstitutional vaccine mandate. Time will tell.

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