Polls aren’t getting any better for Biden and Harris

Another day, another poll shows the American people have lost confidence in President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Biden’s presidency has been in rapid decline since August and continues to be on life support according to a new poll by Redfield & Wilton Strategies.

In the poll conducted on February 6, a dismal 38% said they approved of the job Biden is doing, while 48% disapproved. Compared to a January poll the group had conducted, Biden is now 10 points underwater where he had only been five points under at that time.

Looking at those who strongly approve and disapprove, Biden’s results are even more dismal. Only 16% strongly approved of Biden’s job performance, while 31% strongly disapproved, a -15 rating.

Harris even lower

Any hopes that Vice President Kamala Harris would prop up Biden were dashed by this poll, which found that only 36% approved of her job performance. 43% disapproved, leaving her seven points underwater.

However, 0nly 13% of respondents said they strongly approved of the job Harris is doing, while 33% strongly disapproved. This means she is -20 on that metric, which is even lower than her boss, the commander-in-chief.

The poll numbers should be no surprise to anyone. Biden has been on a long slide since he completely botched the Afghanistan withdrawal in August, leaving the nation in the hands of the Taliban and hundreds of Americans stranded there with no way to get out of the country.

Inflation and supply chain woes have also continued to plague his presidency, and he has not taken many actions to stop them. His signature Build Back Better Act crashed and burned in the Senate even though he claimed it would fix inflation, and he also failed to get a voting “rights” bill passed.

What now?

As for Harris, she has failed to do anything substantial in any of the areas Biden has tasked her with, including the serious issues on the U.S. southern border and most recently, a push for so-called voting “rights” to be codified at the federal level.

Now, the administration reportedly plans to send her to Europe to deal with the Ukraine-Russia situation and then touring around the country to trumpet his accomplishments–which shouldn’t take long since he hasn’t had many.

Maybe he just wants to get her out of the way, who knows? It’s clear that Biden himself cannot keep up any kind of traveling schedule if the G-7 a few months ago is any indication.

If these numbers don’t improve by 2023 when re-election decisions start to be made, they may be giving Hillary Clinton all the ammunition she needs to step in and take over where she left off in 2016.

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