Latest polling puts Biden at mere 1-point lead over Trump: Report

It’s official: Joe Biden’s once-strong lead over President Donald Trump in the polls has nearly collapsed, the latest numbers show.

According to a report from the Daily Caller, a poll from Rasmussen released on Wednesday showed Biden sitting just one point ahead of Trump.

Last week, Biden bested Trump by four points, the Daily Caller noted. Now, Biden sits at 46% support, according to the Daily Caller, and Trump at 45%.

No one buying Biden-Harris

The former vice president’s steep decline is just the latest sign that voters are quickly losing enthusiasm for Biden as he continues to make scant appearances on the campaign trail — even suggesting through an aide last week that he may not campaign in-person at all this year.

Biden’s addition of California Sen. Kamala Harris (D) to his ticket seems to have done little to boost his campaign — and while many pundits were expecting Biden’s numbers to jump up following the Democrats’ national convention this week, that never materialized.

Indeed, the Democratic National Convention gave Biden the chance to reboot his campaign and set the tone for his election season. But it seems his campaign is on the decline, and right at the moment when it should be reaching new heights.

Perhaps more concerning for Biden, however, is his slip in key swing states that he needs if he wants to win the White House this November. One such state, Wisconsin, contributed greatly to Trump’s win in 2016, according to The New York Times, and the Badger State could very well do the same in 2020.

Swing states poised to go red

Indeed, recent unrest in the southeastern Wisconsin city of Kenosha is providing a perfect opportunity for Republicans to win over voters in the state — and Trump is milking it for all he can get.

In a tweet Wednesday, the president announced that he’ll be doubling down on his “law and order” approach to the protests and rioting, which began after the shooting of a 29-year-old Black man by police on Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal. The subsequent demonstrations have left at least two dead and many more injured.

“We will NOT stand for looting, arson, violence, and lawlessness on American streets,” the president wrote Wednesday. “My team just got off the phone with [Wisconsin’s Democratic] Governor [Tony] Evers who agreed to accept federal assistance[.] (Portland should do the same!)”

Only time will tell if the president’s move earns him the support of Wisconsin voters, but one thing is for certain: Americans are growing tired of the endless unrest that is destroying businesses and lives.

If Democrat leaders aren’t going to do anything about it, Trump certainly will.

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