Poll: Trump surges in support with Black voters

A recent Emerson College poll found that the number of Black voters now planning to vote for President Donald Trump is almost double the number in 2016, which is a BIG problem for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The poll

Emerson surveyed 1,576 voters during the last two days of August. This comes after the Republican National Convention, which featured minority speakers like Rep. Vernon Jones, Alice Marie Johnson, Ben Carson, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), Burgess Owens, and more.

On a national scale, the poll reflected much of what we have seen in other polls — the gap between Trump and Biden has narrowed significantly, and they are more or less in a dead heat at 47% to 49%, respectively.

That, however, is not the most important insight to come out of this particular poll.

The poll also surveyed Black voter support for Joe Biden versus Donald Trump.

In that demographic, Joe Biden led Trump 77 to 19 percent.

A similar poll run by Zogby in July had Biden ahead 77 to 14 percent, so Trump appears to be surging among Black voters, a trend that should concern Joe Biden.

This could decide the winner

In 2016, Hillary won about 88 percent of the Black vote… and she lost (the magic number seems to be right around 90 percent to secure a win).

The magic number for Trump was about eight percent, and that extra two percent made the difference.

If Joe Biden is only polling at 77 percent, he basically has no shot of winning this election.

Something else that is important to take from this is that it seems African American communities throughout the country are getting frustrated with the chaos in their cities. Many Black voters may be considering voting for a president that will stand up to violence and preserve their communities — even a Republican one.

Slowly but surely, ALL of America is waking up to the fact that Democrats are part of the problem, not the solution… heck, they aren’t even looking for a solution, just encouraging more chaos and anarchy in our streets.

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