Poll: Trump leads Biden by two points in six key states

Remember all those big leads that Joe Biden had across the country a few months ago? Remember all those national polls that had Joe Biden running away with the election? Now, Biden’s advantage looks to have collapsed.

A recent poll has President Donald Trump in the lead by two points in six of the key battleground states in the upcoming election, the Daily Wire is now reporting.

It’s the Trend

Polls are a fickle thing in that we are expecting a small percentage of people to represent the entire country or the entire state. On their own, poll numbers are suspect, so it is more important to watch the trend of the polls rather than focus on the actual numbers.

When Joe Biden had his initial run during the primary, he received a major boost and enjoyed a fairly significant lead over Trump in national polls. Biden also polled ahead of Trump in some key battleground states.

Since then, Biden has had some struggles and ever since April, the Democrat has been slipping backward consistently. Now, it appears as though the backsliding has finally caught up to Biden and Trump is at the very least neck-and-neck with Biden.

Key Battleground States

Another thing to consider when looking at polls is national numbers over key state numbers.

For instance, if most of the voters polled were from New York and/or California, we would expect Biden to be in the lead.

The polls that matter are the polls for the states we know to be up for grabs. They will dictate the outcome of this election.

According to the Change Research and CNBC poll, taken from voters in the key states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Trump is now in the lead by a full two points. The poll of 3,544 voters was taken May 1 – 3, Newsweek reported.

That same trend has been seen in other polls as well, with a new Reuters/IPSOS poll showing Biden now only leading nationally by two percent.

That particular poll shows a significant collapse by Biden, having lost a massive eight-point lead that was in place as of mid-April and a six-point lead from only a week ago.

The trend is clear. Expect Biden’s surrogates to start climbing out from under their rocks to attack Trump on the pandemic response as a way to try to regain ground for Joe Biden.

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