Poll: Trump immigration policies enjoy strong support among Americans

There is little doubt that President Donald Trump has made the issues surrounding both legal and illegal immigration top priorities in his administration, and there is also little debate that nearly every action he has proposed or taken in that regard has been vehemently opposed by Democrats and the media.

But as it turns out, a new poll shows that when the president himself is removed from the equation, a solid majority of the American people actually support many of the measures Trump has been pursuing with regard to immigration, The Washington Times reported.

The poll of registered voters across the country was conducted in late January by the Harvard University Center for American Political Studies and the Harris polling group, and a portion of the survey put forward a selection of policy positions on a number of issues, albeit without any politicians’ names attached to them.

First of all, it must be noted that 48% of respondents approved of the job President Trump has been doing with regard to immigration, and immigration — at 29% — was ranked as the second most important issue facing the nation at this time, trailing only behind healthcare as the most important.

Voters support Trump policies

On the question of whether America should impose tough restrictions on immigration from nations known to foster or harbor terrorism, 79%  supported such a measure, while only 21% were opposed. That suggests that President Trump’s supposedly controversial travel ban is the right call in the eyes of a large majority of Americans.

The survey also asked about a “comprehensive” immigration reform plan that would include strengthened border controls and a border wall along with the elimination of chain migration and visa lotteries in exchange for a system based solely on merit, as well as a “path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants already residing in the country.

It turns out that 61% of Americans support such a plan, as compared to 39% who opposed it.

As for the concept of “sanctuary cities” in which local governments protect illegal immigrants and refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities even in the case of criminals, that was proven to be particularly unpopular among the poll’s respondents.

Asked whether there should be a crackdown on illegal immigrants who commit crimes and whether local governments should be deprived of federal law enforcement grants if they refuse to turn such criminals over, a full 76% expressed support for such a policy, while only 24% were opposed.

Along the lines of strong border controls, 83% of respondents supported increased efforts to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the country as compared to only 17% in opposition.

Implications for November

The Washington Times noted that polling also showed that about 80% of voters favored a temporary halt to all immigration during the coronavirus pandemic, while about two-thirds of Americans were opposed to the practice of granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Separately, a little more than half favored the idea of allowing citizens victimized by illegal immigrants to sue “sanctuary” jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities.

What all of this means is that despite the great outcry from leftist activists, Democrats, and their media allies, there is a great deal of support among Americans for President Trump’s immigration policies — even among those who don’t particularly like or support the president otherwise. If played properly by Trump’s re-election team, this reality could prove extremely beneficial come Election Day.

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