Poll shows Trump, not Biden, benefited from Democratic National Convention

Despite largely positive reviews for the virtual Democratic National Convention held this week, presidential nominee Joe Biden does not appear to have benefited from a related bump in the polls.

While candidates typically enjoy an approval spike following their respective party’s convention, that did not hold true for the Democratic nominee this year, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

“Usually the convention is their own”

In fact, it appears to be President Donald Trump who benefited from the DNC, according to a daily presidential tracking poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports.

Rasmussen surveys 500 likely voters each night for its three-day polling average, using both landline and online options to reach respondents. For the total sampling of 1,500 respondents, the margin of error is 2.5% with a 95% level of confidence, the company reports.

Following Wednesday evening’s acceptance speech by Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), pollsters saw Trump’s approval rating jump by four points.

Suggesting the result was not an anomaly, the president’s 51% approval held steady the following day. Rasmussen tweeted the results, which elicited widespread commentary among other Twitter users — including one that earned an approving reply from the polling firm.

“It’s not uncommon for candidates to receive a bump after a national convention,” the user wrote. “It’s just that usually the convention is their own and not their opponent’s.”

“A very good speech”

Rasmussen responded, “Fact Check: True.”

The Republican National Convention is coming up, and Trump’s supporters are hoping that the chance to see the differing visions for America’s future will be enough to secure another bump for the president in next week’s polls.

While the convention and Biden’s selection of Harris to fill out the presidential ticket have been heralded by Democrats and many in the media as undeniable successes, the polls reflect a different reality.

Even Republican strategist Karl Rove praised Biden for delivering “a very good speech” and a pair of Fox News Channel hosts joined the chorus of praise emanating from the left.

It will be the people, not the pundits, who decide the outcome on Election Day. And if the Rasmussen analysis is any indication, the more voters hear from the Biden camp, the more they like Trump.

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