New poll shows Trump beating top Democrats in hypothetical matchups

For months, Democrats have been touting polls saying that Trump would lose to any Democrat candidate currently in the race.

But now that Trump has actually started campaigning in earnest, poll results have begun to flip, with one recent survey showing Trump defeating just about every serious contender for the Democratic nomination, according to Breitbart.

Zogby Analytics Poll

Though political polling can never be fully trusted, because such surveys utilize small and often-skewed samples.

However, they can be used as a general indication of which way the country is starting to turn during an election cycle.

While the percentage points may not be entirely accurate, the overall momentum seen in these polls can be very useful for taking the temperature of the country, so to speak.

In this case, the momentum is clearly starting to swing back over to Trump, according to a recent Zogby Analytics poll.

Making Up Lost Ground

So how did Trump suddenly take the lead when he was faring so poorly in previous polls?

For one, Joe Biden has been exposed and has lost considerable ground in every poll, now trailing Elizabeth Warren. Warren, however, also has considerable skeletons in her closet, and we have barely opened up that door.

Trump is also starting to win over voters in areas where Democrats have always been strong, including union strongholds.

The president’s message is even starting to resonate with Gen X voters, with Trump leading Biden 49% to 41% in that demographic.

Even with the lead, the race is still close in this poll, but the margins are likely to widen considerably once a Democrat candidate is chosen and Trump can really go on the attack, and if someone like Sanders or Warren wins the primary, a lot of moderate Dems will simply stay home on Election Day.

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