Poll finds majority of Americans concerned by ‘direct threat’ posed by illegal immigration

President Joe Biden, through executive orders and irresponsible rhetoric, has essentially opened up the nation’s borders to all who seek entry.

That position, however, is not shared by a substantial majority of the American people, as revealed by several recent polls, including one that shows 72% of Americans believe illegal immigration poses a “direct threat” to America, Breitbart reported.

That poll and others in recent weeks also showed that, while President Biden generally has high approval ratings on most issues, his handling of border security and immigration issues have been widely panned by most Americans.

Majority concerned about illegal immigration

According to an AP-NORC poll, 72% of Americans are either “extremely” or “moderately” concerned about the “direct threat” posed to the U.S. by unchecked illegal immigration. The poll was conducted between March 25-29 and included 1,166 American adults with a 3.6% margin of error.

In fact, 45% were “extremely/very concerned” about the issue, 27% were “moderately concerned,” and 26% were “not very/not concerned at all” by illegal migration into the U.S.

Of all of the major issues, Biden’s approval was the lowest on immigration, with only 42% approval compared to 56% disapproval.

Likewise, the AP-NORC poll found that Biden was also underwater in terms of border security, with only 44% approval compared to 55% disapproval. For both of those issues, Republican disapproval was near 90%, disapproval among independents was within the 60 percentile range, and even roughly a quarter of Democrats disapproved of Biden’s performance on immigration and the border.

Unaccompanied migrant children

Of particular concern to many Americans, regardless of party affiliation, is the fact that a significant portion of the current migrant surge is unaccompanied children. Despite frantic Democratic rhetoric over the past several years, these children are being detained in overcrowded and under-resourced detention facilities, sometimes for longer periods of time than is allowed by law.

The AP-NORC poll found that only 24% of Americans approved overall of the way the Biden administration has handled the influx of unaccompanied migrant children, compared with 40% who disapprove.

The poll also found that Biden’s proposals of amnesty for certain illegal immigrants, which have been legislatively prioritized by congressional Democrats, is not at all a “high priority” for Americans, as less than a third deemed it as such. In contrast, roughly half of all Americans, 53% and 47%, respectively, want the administration to prioritize increasing border security and preventing migrants from illegally overstaying a visa.

The AP-NORC poll isn’t an outlier either, but had similar findings to other recent polls, such as Morning Consult/Politico, which found that 49% of Americans disapproved of Biden’s handling of the border and immigration — up 10 points since his inauguration — while only 40% approved — down seven points over the same time span.

Similarly, an NPR/Marist poll also found that only 34% of Americans approved of Biden’s handling of immigration issues, compared to 53% who disapproved, a number that included a quarter of Democrats and a majority of independents.

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