Poll stunner: Look who wants to completely eliminate Israel

 December 19, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

In a result that likely will shock many Americans, a poll shows that Gen Z voters actually are siding with the Hamas terrorists and want an end to Israel, even as other age groups want Israel to keep fighting "until Hamas is defeated and the hostages are released."

A report on the poll from ADN America pointed out, "According to a November report from the Network Contagion Research Institute, foreign governments, led by Qatar, made significant contributions in the billions, to universities from 2014-2019."

The poll is from the Harvard Center for American Political Studies, and revealed a majority of Generation Z voters claim Jewish people – and white people – are "oppressers."

While 73% of all respondents said the Hamas terror attacks on Israel, in which terrorists butchered some 1,400 Israeli civilians, were "genocidal," a full 60% of those making up the Gen Z subgroup thought the brutal massacre, which included burning whole families alive and beheading babies, was "justified by the grievances of Palestinians."

The polling was online and reached 2,034 registered voters during Dec. 12-13.

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