Poll: More voters expect Biden to lose presidential debates

In good news for President Donald Trump, a recent poll indicates that more voters expect Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to lose the presidential debates against Trump.

A USA Today/Suffolk University poll showed that 47% of respondents believe President Trump will win compared to 41% who favor Biden.

The gap is even larger for independents: 47% favor Trump compared to the 37% who think Biden who will win.

The first debate will be held in three weeks and could blow the race wide open in the favor of President Trump. While the Democrats and the media have done their best to keep Biden hidden away from the public, the debates could expose his weaknesses in a big way.

Debates looking to be one-sided

President Trump has suffered the gaze of a hypercritical public as he dealt with the coronavirus pandemic, while Joe Biden was hidden away sending out occasional sniping attacks.

Now Biden will have to stand side by side with President Trump and present a real platform to the nation that isn’t just “Orange man bad.” Biden will also likely be forced to defend his decades-long record in Washington while demonstrating that he has something new to offer to dissatisfied voters.

Democrats are so worried about the debates that talk of skipping the debates have been swirling for the last month. It is a poorly kept secret that Biden’s mental faculties are slipping badly.

In one of his more recent appearances, Biden attempted to school the audience on history, claiming that the light bulb was not invented by “a white guy named Edison.” Fact-checks quickly disputed his odd claim.

Things are so bad that Biden’s public appearances have been heavily curated. And the media is happy to play along. At one recent press conference, where reporters got the rare chance to grill Biden on his platform, many simply chose to ask him about his feelings and reactions to President Trump.

If Biden has to be coddled that much by a friendly media, how will he manage to debate President Trump in front of the whole nation?

Democrats still could bow out

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has suggested that debating President Trump would “belittle” the purpose of the debates. The reality is that she knows Biden’s campaign could go down in flames over the course of a single debate.

There is still time for Democrats to bow out and at this point, it may be the less damaging course of action for them. Anything to keep the truth hidden away from Americans.

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