Poll shows voters doubt accuracy of 2024 presidential vote count

 January 22, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Nearly one-third of registered voters across America do not trust the American election system enough to think that the 2024 presidential election will be done fairly or accurately, a new poll confirms.

report from Just the News gives an overview of a voice poll done by Center Square.

Poll participants were asked, "How confident are you that the vote will be counted correctly in 2024?" and "How confident are you that the true winner of the 2024 election will be sworn in as president?"

Thirty-seven percent said they were "very confident" the votes would be counted accurately and another 28% were "somewhat" confident.

But 19% said they were "not very confident" and 13% said they were "not confident at all" that the votes would be counted correctly.

The poll, done in conjunction with Noble Predictive Insights, reveals that likely Republican voters held the most doubts, and the party was split, with 48% saying they were either very or somewhat confident, but another 48% saying they were not very or not at all confident.

The results show 38% said they are "very confident" the real winner will be president, with another 30% "somewhat" confident.

But a significant number, 17%, are "not very confident" and 9% are "not confident at all."

Fifty-two percent of Republican voters trust that the real winner will be sworn in as president but 40% say they are unsure.

Sixty-seven percent of those holding college degrees and 60% of those not holding those degrees think the votes will be counted accurately.

The Center Square said its polling contacted 2,573 Americans from Jan. 2-4, including about an even number of Republicans and Democrats as well as 266 "true independents."

The report said, "These results come amid mounting concerns over voter trust in the legitimacy of the American election processes. A June Monmouth poll found that 3-in-10 Americans believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 election solely due to voter fraud."

The doubts have been prompted by the evidence from the 2020 election, in which multiple accusations were made that vote totals had been subjected to tampering, through tech failures, ballot-stuffing campaigns, and more.

Further, that election now is known to have been subjected to two significant undue influences.

First, Mark Zuckerberg handed out more than $400 million to various election officials who often used it to recruit Joe Biden voters. Never before has such a sum been used to influence an American election, and those behind the campaign now have announced a scheme to grab up to $700 in federal tax money for their similar campaign in 2024.

Then the FBI's interference in the 2020 results was confirmed, by a poll, to likely have cost President Trump the election. The agency, even though agents knew it was true, spread the story that the evidence from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop, which described the family's international dealings, was "Russian disinformation" when it was neither.

President Donald Trump repeatedly has charged that the election was stolen, through nefarious means to change or influence the vote totals.

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