Poll shows that Utah voters are upset with Mitt Romney

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has been hammering President Donald Trump over his decision to pull troops out of northern Syria for quite some time now. He’s also tacitly been supporting the Democrats’ secretive impeachment proceedings since their inception.

But according to Breitbart, Utah voters are not too happy about it. One group has even ordered Romney to “stop colluding with Democrats.”

Response from Utah

Last week, Romney took to the pulpit to bash Trump for wanting to pull U.S. troops out of northern Syria. Romney made it sound as though we were completely abandoning a country — something that was obviously not taking place.

Romney has also been under fire for refusing to condemn Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, despite its partisan origins and obvious disregard for due process.

The Club for Growth, a conservative PAC, took out an ad aimed at Utah voters to see how they felt about Romney’s actions.

According to the Club for Growth, there was an overwhelming response — and it was not good for Romney. David McIntosh, the group’s president, said responders for Utah were “disgusted with him not staying loyal to the president.”

More Bad News

Romney was elected in a state where Trump absolutely buried Hillary Clinton in 2016. Trump secured more than 515,000 voters during the last presidential election, while Clinton netted just a tick above 300,000.

It was an overwhelming victory, yet these same people elected a senator into office who has openly opposed Trump for years, so what did they really expect?

Now, there are more than a few rumors going around about petitions being circulated to have Romney removed from office. While it is unlikely they will be successful in removing him from the office that way, they can vote him out of office in his next election, but that will unfortunately not be until 2024.

Romney had an opportunity to resurrect his dead career had he only kept his mouth shut.

Instead, he is more than likely doomed to be a one and done sensation and we surely cannot see him ever achieving a higher office now that most Republicans have admitted they prefer Trump’s GOP to Romney’s version of the party.

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