Poll shows more than three-quarters of Republicans don’t believe Biden was legitimately elected president

In the wake of the 2020 presidential contest, President Donald Trump has disputed claims by election officials and the media that Democratic nominee Joe Biden won in a fair and legitimate fashion — and according to the results of a new poll, most Republicans think Trump is right.

According to the Daily Caller, a poll released Thursday revealed that despite concerted efforts to contradict Trump’s claims of widespread election fraud, a full 78% of Republicans do not believe Biden was legitimately elected president.

Overall, however, about 62% of Americans believe Biden was elected legitimately, while 37% believe otherwise, the Daily Caller reported.

Americans weigh in

The poll, conducted by USA Today/Suffolk University, was taken from Dec. 16–20 and reportedly included 1,000 registered voters, with a margin of error around 3.1%.

On the question of whether respondents believed Joe Biden was legitimately elected, just 20% of Republicans said he was.

Meanwhile, according to the poll, 96% of Democrats thought Biden’s win was legitimate, and only 3% believed otherwise. Among independent voters, 65% felt confident in the legitimacy of Biden’s win, while 32% expressed doubt.

Should Trump concede?

The pollsters also asked those surveyed to weigh in, now that the Electoral College has officially cast its votes in favor of Biden, on whether Trump should finally concede. Overall, 76% of respondents believed that Trump should admit loss, while 26% said he shouldn’t, according to the poll.

There was a sharp partisan breakdown on this question as well, however: 95% of Democrats and 75% of independents said Trump should concede, while only about 37% of Republicans thought the same, the poll revealed. Meanwhile, 57% of Republicans said Trump shouldn’t concede yet. They were reportedly joined in that opinion by 19% of independents and 4% of Democrats.

Finally, the pollsters also asked if President Trump should adhere to tradition and attend Biden’s inauguration. Overall, 66% of respondents said yes and 24% said no, according to the Daily Caller.

Somewhat surprisingly, there was little partisan variation in that response; even 62% of Republicans, along with 65% of Democrats and 72% of independents, thought Trump should peacefully hand power over to Biden at the inauguration ceremony on Jan. 20.

Trump isn’t giving up

Given Trump’s continued insistence that the election was stolen from him by way of widespread fraud and irregularities in a number swing states, the prospect of him conceding to Biden anytime soon — or attending Biden’s inauguration, for that matter — seems rather unlikely at this point. Trump posted a video to social media on Tuesday outlining his claims of election fraud, and he doubled down in a Wednesday tweet, as the Daily Caller noted.

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