Poll shows many Democrats motivated by dislike of Trump, not support for Biden

While Democrats across America are in virtual lockstep regarding their intentions to vote for presidential nominee Joe Biden, new evidence supports the notion that those voters are not necessarily expressing their support of the candidate or his platform.

As Fox News reported, a significant percentage of Democratic voters insist their motivation to vote in this election is opposition to President Donald Trump. 

Poll: 4 in 10 Dems voting against Trump

While Biden’s campaign has long been associated with an enthusiasm gap compared to Trump’s re-election bid, the latest report bolsters those perceptions.

A new Fox News poll found asked respondents why voters are casting a ballot for their favored candidate. The news comes as Biden campaign staffers quietly express concern about underwhelming voter turnout among minority voters in crucial swing states.

Pollsters found that 41% of Democrats stated that they are voting for Biden primarily because they do not want to see Trump serve a second term.

Only a slight majority — 57% — said that they were supporting Biden because they actually want him to become the next president.

When Trump supporters were asked the same question, the results were notably different.

8 in 10 Republicans voting for Trump

Among Republicans, 80% of respondents said they are voting for Trump and just 18% indicated they were voting against Biden.

In the untenable position of attempting to unite moderate and liberal factions of his party, Biden has essentially sought to rally voters around little more than a dislike of Trump.

Although it appeared that the strategy might be enough to drag Biden across the line on Tuesday, an apparent glut of enthusiasm among Trump’s supporters could lead the president to another upset victory on Election Day.

One of the remaining unknowns of this campaign season is whether a lack of enthusiasm on Biden’s side will translate to lower voter turnout among Democrats. That appears to be at least part of the problem for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

Thus far, over 80 million Americans have cast a ballot in the presidential election — or 58% of the total voter turnout four years ago. We have no way of knowing how many were cast for Biden, but doubling down on apathy among his own base seems to be a longshot.

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