Poll shows roughly 3 in 4 Americans support voter ID laws

President Joe Biden has been front-and-center among leftists in his opposition to recent Republican-led election reform measures, particularly with regard to requirements that voters present a valid ID when casting their ballots.

It seems that Biden’s stance against voter ID requirements leaves him far out of step with an overwhelming majority of Americans, however. According to Breitbart, nearly three-quarters of American adults supported the idea of such a mandate in a recent poll.

A strong majority

As Breitbart reported, the Associated Press, in conjunction with the University of Chicago’s NORC, conducted a poll between March 25-29 asking 1,166 American adults about various election reform measures.

With respect to voter ID requirements in a number of states, 72% of all respondents were in favor of such a mandate, most especially Republicans, 91% of whom supported requiring voters to present an ID during the voting process.

Also supporting such ID requirements were 72% of independent voters and even 56% of Democrats. The poll had a margin of error of around 3.6%.

Proof positive

Similarly, the Washington Examiner reported just a couple of weeks ago that, according to a Rasmussen survey, 75% of all Americans supported voter ID laws, including a substantial majority of minority voters, who many Democrats patronizingly assume are incapable of obtaining identification cards.

That 75% approval of voter ID requirements included 89% of Republicans, 77% of independents, and 60% of Democrats. Only 21% disapproved, according to the poll.

A demographic breakdown of the results also showed that roughly 69% of Black voters supported ID requirements. On whether such laws were discriminatory to minorities, Black voters were reportedly split evenly at 43%.

Democrat opposition

Someone ought to make sure these polling results make their way to President Biden’s desk, as he continues to cling to an idea that it’s clear most Americans don’t agree with.

In a White House “fact sheet” in early March,¬†Biden expressed his support for the Democrat-backed H.R. 1, entitled the “For the People Act,” which, for all intents and purposes, comprises a federal takeover of election laws nationwide.

While that piece of legislation is chock-full of really bad initiatives and proposals, the Heritage Foundation reported that, among other things, the bill would effectively ban or render useless state-level voter ID requirements by way of “forcing states to allow individuals to vote without an ID and merely signing a statement in which they claim they are who they say they are.”

Such a move is entirely out of line with the views of approximately three-quarters of the nation. It’s high time that Democrats — and Biden especially — listen to and respect the will of all Americans, not just the ones who make up their voter base.

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