Poll shows majority of Americans do not believe Kamala Harris is qualified to be president

Despite Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s description of running mate Kamala Harris as someone ready to “ready to do this job on day one,” a new poll indicates many voters are not buying that narrative.

As reported by Just The News, a recent survey found fewer than half of all respondents believe the California senator is fit to become commander in chief.

Not only do just 47% of all those polled say Harris is qualified to be president, according to Just The News, but fewer than 4 in 10 independent voters also expressed a lack of confidence in the former prosecutor.

“Ready to get to work”

Despite the bitter rivalry evidenced on the debate stage during the Democratic primary race and her campaign’s decisive defeat, Biden and other party leaders have heralded the decision to add Harris as a positive move for the presidential ticket.

Of course, considering the widespread belief that the former vice president would likely not complete a full term if elected in November, his pick to serve as vice president could be especially important among undecided voters.

In addition to Biden describing his running mate as prepared for the demands of the job, Harris has assured voters that she is “ready to get to work.”

Another failed 2020 Democratic presidential contender similarly praised Harris at the Democratic National Convention this week.

During a recent ABC News interview, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called her an “asset for the Biden campaign” who is “going to do great” in her role as running mate, The Guardian reported.

“I believe that Kamala, as somebody who has known her for a number of years, is incredibly smart, tough, and I would not want to be Vice President [Mike] Pence in a debate with her,” Sanders said, according to The Guardian.

“The leftist takeover of Joe Biden”

The Trump campaign, however, interpreted the selection differently. According to MarketWatch, the campaign issued a statement warning that “the leftist takeover of Joe Biden is complete” and that only the current president “can be trusted to rebuild our economy, defend our national security, and put America First.”

Concerns about her policy positions have erupted from both political directions in the days since Harris was added to the Biden ticket.

Combined with the recent polling results showing a dearth of confidence in her abilities to perform the job of president, it seems Harris might not deliver the campaign boost many Democrats hoped she would.

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