Poll: Nearly 40% of Republican voters want Romney removed from the GOP

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has been put on notice.

A new poll by Rasmussen found that not only has Romney’s popularity plummeted among Republican voters, but many even want him removed from the Republican Party, The Washington Times reports.

The numbers are in

The new poll is the first piece of solid evidence we have that Republican voters are not happy with Romney following his decision to be the only Republican senator to side with Democrats on one of the impeachment articles brought against President Donald Trump.

Rasmussen reports: “Sixty-four percent (64%) of Republicans now have an unfavorable opinion of the man who was the GOP presidential nominee in 2012, [while] 38% [of Republicans] view him Very Unfavorably.”

According to the pollster, the number of Republicans with an unfavorable opinion of Romney has grown nearly 20 percentage points since a similar poll taken last October.

The margin of error for the new survey is plus or minus three percentage points.

That’s not all

For many politicians, this unfavorability number would be bad enough. But the new poll also found that “39% of Likely Republican Voters think Romney should be expelled from the Republican Party. Only slightly more (43%) disagree, while nearly one-in-five (18%) are undecided.”

This number increases to 50% when the only voters who are taken into consideration are those who “strongly approve of the job Trump is doing.” In addition, “63% of GOP voters think their party should be more like Trump than like Romney.”

The obvious inference here is that Romney really doesn’t fit in with the current Republican Party, which is firmly behind President Trump.

The “good news”

On the other hand, the Rasmussen survey found that Romney has gained some popularity among Democratic voters.

“Democrats, however, have a new respect for Romney,” Rasmussen reports. “Sixty percent (60%) now regard him favorably, up from 47% last fall. Unaffiliated voters are closely divided.”

With this in mind, perhaps the only way for Romney to survive as a politician going forward will be to change parties. It seems that would make a lot of Republicans happy, at least.

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