Poll: Plurality of voters maintain favorable opinion of Brett Kavanaugh

There is no denying that the vague and uncorroborated smears of despicable wrongdoing leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in recent weeks were intended to debase his character, ruin his reputation, and destroy his career — as well as render him toxic to Republicans and voters — but a recent poll shows that smear campaign has failed to achieve a victory in that regard.

In fact, a recent Rasmussen poll showed that a plurality of likely voters in America still held a favorable opinion of the thoroughly embattled Supreme Court nominee.

Plurality of favorability

That Rasmussen poll was released the day after Kavanaugh’s contentious Senate Judiciary Committee hearing during which his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, had the chance to assert her claims against the nominee while under oath. Kavanaugh pushed back hard against the Democrats, who had essentially declared him guilty on the basis of unverifiable accusations, in the hearing.

The subsequent poll showed that at least 48 percent of respondents still held at least a “somewhat favorable” view of Kavanaugh despite the allegations. Included in the nearly half of respondents who found the nominee to be “somewhat favorable,” 36 percent of respondents had a “very favorable” opinion of the nominee.

Conversely, some 44 percent of respondents were at least “somewhat unfavorable” toward Kavanaugh, and only 30 percent considered themselves to be “very unfavorable” in their opinion of the nominee.

Rasmussen’s results suggested that, even as the battle over Kavanaugh’s confirmation has heated up and reached new lows in terms of a smear campaign, his level of support among the general population hasn’t wavered all that much.

Smear campaign unsuccessful

While the full effect of last Thursday’s emotional and fiery committee hearing may not have been registered in this poll, it is obvious that the prior two weeks of smears thrown at Kavanaugh by Democrats and the media had had little ill effect on the nominee.

Indeed, Democrats and the media had all but thrown the kitchen sink at Kavanaugh in recent weeks, in the process tossing aside the centuries-old tradition of due process and the presumption of innocence, declaring the man guilty in the court of public opinion.

But as that Rasmussen poll showed, the liberal declaration of Kavanaugh’s guilt was a bit presumptuous on their own part, as a significant portion of the nation simply isn’t buying what they’re selling.

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Odds are nobody but Kavanaugh and Ford will ever truly know what did or didn’t happen at a high school party on some unspecified night at an unspecified house in the summer of 1982.

It is quite likely the incredible vagueness of the claims put forward by Ford and others — not to mention the fact that supposed witnesses dispute the allegations — has resulted in Kavanaugh’s support among everyday Americans. Sorry, Dems.

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