Poll shows less than half of registered voters believe Trump should concede race to Biden ‘right away’

The media has declared Democratic nominee Joe Biden to be the president-elect, and simultaneously launched a pressure campaign aimed at forcing President Donald Trump to concede the race.

A few polls, however, suggest a substantial portion of the American people aren’t buying that narrative. In fact, one particular poll showed that less than half of registered voters surveyed believed Trump should immediately concede with a near equal amount saying he should only concede once all challenges have been exhausted or not at all, The Hill reported.

Concede now, later, or never?

According to the Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted between Nov. 13-16 of 1,994 registered voters, 46% of those surveyed said that Trump should concede the race the Biden “right away.”

However, 32% of those polled said Trump should only concede “eventually” if he were unable to adequately prove his assertions of widespread election fraud. Furthermore, 12% suggested that Trump should not concede “no matter what,” and 9% didn’t know or had no opinion.

There was a partisan split with regard to the responses to the question, with 72% of registered Democrats saying Trump should immediately concede and 20% saying he should eventually concede if unable to prove the allegations of fraud. Only 3% said he shouldn’t concede at all.

Conversely, only 16% of registered Republicans believed Trump should concede the race right now, as 48% said he should only concede later, assuming the allegations of fraud went unproven, and 25% said he shouldn’t concede at all to Biden. As for independent voters, 43% said Trump should concede immediately, 34% said he ought to concede eventually, and only 8% said he shouldn’t ever concede the race.

It was “rigged”

Reuters/Ipsos also conducted a poll between Nov. 13-17 with 1,346 respondents over the election results.

That poll found that approximately 52% of the Republicans surveyed believe that Trump had “rightfully won” the election but had it stolen away from him in favor of Biden. In comparison, 29% of Republicans in the poll believed that Biden had “rightfully won” the election.

Digging deeper, the pollsters found that 68% of Republicans believed that the elections had been “rigged” in some fashion against Trump. That belief of a “rigged” election was also shared by about 33% of independents and even 16% of Democrats.

Distrust in the process

Interestingly, the Reuters/Ipsos poll also found that, overall, only 55% of those surveyed believed the reported election results were “legitimate and accurate,” down seven points from a similar poll in 2016, while 28% believed that the results were the product of “illegal voting or election rigging,” up 12 points from that 2016 poll.

In the end, it may turn out that Biden really did win the election fairly and Trump will eventually concede.

That said, the results of these polls clearly show that the media has very little credibility with a substantial portion of the American people and, given the manner in which the media has handled the elections this year, that severe distrust has been carried over to the electoral system.

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