Poll: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Americans’ favorite Supreme Court justice

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has just been named Americans’ favorite Supreme Court justice.

Despite the fact that the Notorious RBG has missed oral arguments at the high court over the last several weeks for the first time in her career as she recovers from lung surgery, a recent Fox News poll found that Ginsburg was ranked as the favorite or most admired justice on the court among all Americans.

Additionally, the judicial branch, which includes the Supreme Court, polled as the most trusted branch of the U.S. government.

Ginsburg makes the grade

Fox reported that their poll found that 18 percent of respondents picked Ginsburg as their favorite justice on the high court, followed distantly by Justice Brett Kavanaugh with 6 percent.

Rounding out the top five of favorite justices among the American people were Justices Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas at 4 percent, followed by Sonia Sotomayor at 3 percent.

A whopping 48 percent of respondents said they either didn’t know which justice was their favorite or their favorite justice wasn’t currently seated on the court.

Of the remaining jurists on the high court, Chief Justice John Roberts was the favorite of 2 percent of respondents, while Justice Samuel Alito was the favorite of 1 percent. Justices Stephen Breyer and Elana Kagen each drew less than 1 percent support as the favorite among respondents.

Twenty-two percent of respondents couldn’t name any sitting justices on the court.

Dems like Ginsburg, Repubs like Kavanaugh

Unsurprisingly, the bulk of Ginsburg’s support came from Democrat-aligned respondents, from whom Ginsburg received 32 percent support. She was followed in a distant second among Democrats by Sotomayor, who drew 6 percent support as the favorite among Democrats.

Gorsuch, a conservative appointed by Trump, came in third among the left, garnering 4 percent of respondents’ support.

Meanwhile, Republican-aligned respondents chose the once-embattled Kavanaugh as their favorite justice, with 14 percent support.

Thomas came in second place among Republicans with 8 percent, and both Gorsuch and Ginsburg drew 6 percent support from the group.

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Trustworthy? Congress? In the same sentence?

Separately, the poll also asked respondents which of the three branches of government was most trustworthy. The Supreme Court and judicial branch won with 35 percent approval, which was down from the 45 percent approval that branch garnered in 2017.

The presidency and executive branch came in second with 18 percent viewing it as most trustworthy — down from 26 percent in 2017 — while Congress and the legislative branch were viewed as most trustworthy by only 13 percent of respondents, the same as 2017.

One thing is for certain: Americans are losing faith in their government. It’s time to drain the swamp.

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