New poll shows economic issues more important than social issues, voters choose GOP on economy

To counter historical trends and negative economic indicators ahead of the midterm elections, Democrats and their media allies have sought to shift the focus of the electorate’s attention to various social issues.

That effort doesn’t appear to be paying off for President Joe Biden’s Democrats, though, as a new poll shows that voters overwhelmingly believe economic issues are more important than social issues, and a majority of voters side with Republicans on those economic issues, the Daily Caller reported.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the poll also showed that more voters aligned with Republicans over Democrats on a few of the top social issues that the left has sought to elevate, such as policies related to guns as well as illegal immigration and border security.

Narratives and polling data

That information came from the latest survey conducted by The New York Times and Siena College, and The Times tried valiantly to paint as positive a picture for Democrats as possible with that survey’s findings.

Indeed, the article placed extraordinary emphasis on the topic of abortion rights and the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and pressed a narrative that would lead readers to assume that abortion was the most important issue of all and would compel even many Republican-aligned voters to cast ballots in support of Democratic candidates.

Unfortunately for Democrats, even if a slim majority of the electorate sides with Democrats on legalized abortion, that likely isn’t near enough to overcome the devastating deficits Democrats face in terms of economic issues.

Republicans win on economic issues

The poll was conducted between Sept. 6-14 and included 1,399 registered voters with a margin of error of 3.6 percent, and it found that 60 percent of voters believed the nation was headed in the “wrong direction” compared to just 27 percent who said it was on the “right track.”

It did show that Democrats were slightly favored over Republicans on the generic congressional ballot, 46-44 percent, but also revealed that President Biden’s job approval remained underwater, with 41 percent approval compared to 53 percent disapproval.

The really bad news for Biden and Democrats came in a question about whether social or economic issues were the most important, as the pollsters found an 18-point gap, 49-31 percent, in favor of economic issues like jobs, taxes, and cost of living to be more important than social issues like abortion, democracy, or guns.

Further, when it comes to the rather important economy, far more voters align with Republicans than Democrats, by a margin of 52-38 percent.

Dem focus on social issues could backfire

As an added kicker that Democrats won’t want to see, on top of being crushed on economic issues they also lose to Republicans on a few of the social issues they have sought to highlight, such as a plurality of 49-46 percent in favor of a border wall and 49-46 percent against a ban on semiautomatic weapons and “high-capacity” magazines.

Voters agreed more with Republicans than Democrats on issues like illegal immigration (51-37 percent), crime and policing (47-37 percent), and gun policy (47-43 percent), which doesn’t bode well for Biden and his fellow leftists in the November elections.

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